Social Skills Classes

The Behavioral Effect team of behavioral specialists have structured a social skills program focused on social initiation, participation, peer group bonding and stress management.

Helping Children Realize Their Full Potential

We use principles of ABA to decrease maladaptive behaviors while encouraging socialization and functional living skills

Center-based Applied Behavior Analysis

We are a center based ABA Clinic specialized in early behavioral intervention for children on the autism spectrum

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Center Based ABA Therapy

We are a center-based applied behavior analysis (ABA) clinic focused on behavior modification. Our behavioral programs are data driven, updated and replaced with new skills as your child progresses through the program. Our individualized behavioral programs are unique to every child and are implemented by registered behavior technicians (RBT) under the guidance of a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst. Please call our office at (956) 627-4413 for more information.

A Collaborative Approach

More often than not we fear what we do not understand and we also lose that fear when we decide to tackle the challenge before us head on. Some challenges require help and that is precisely what we are here for. Our aim as an organization is focused on helping children on the autism spectrum reach their potential by tapping into their strengths, working on weaknesses  and building a support structure that consists of therapists, educators, parents and community, all working in unison to provide the highest quality of treatment, advocacy, behavioral improvement and social integration.

Our employees are trained in various areas of behavioral therapy including:

  • ABA Therapy– Applied Behavioral Analysis is an evidence-based scientific discipline designed to increase behaviors that encourage social interaction, independence, language and communication skills while decreasing behaviors that may be harmful or impede the learning experience of a child.
  •  Speech Therapy – children on the Autism Spectrum may present difficulty expressing and communicating daily wants and needs, for this reason our speech services focus on language development and social communication with an aim on functional utilization of these skill.
  • Parent Training– As a part of our collaborative approach to treatment we at The Behavioral Effect encourage parents to become active participants of a child’s treatment by attending parent training sessions with the objective of familiarization, progress and updates, concerning the child’s performance related to the program. Parent training meetings also serve as an opportunity for a parent to express concerns, highlight behavioral patterns that may be arise in the home setting and for our therapists and behavioral analysts a chance to make sure behaviors are being generalized and transferred from the clinical setting over to the home and community.


Early Intervention

Perhaps one of the most crucial factors in the maintenance of any behavior is the length of time and comfort a person develops engaging in a behavior. Therefore, it is important to seek behavioral treatment as early as possible so that a behavioral plan can be formulated and set in motion at an early stage in the behavior development.

While you may feel alone and isolated having a child who has autism, know we at The Behavioral Effect are here to help you. We want to remove the communication barriers between you and your child and help create a stronger bond. Please do not hesitate to contact our office at (956) 627-4413 to learn more about our services!

What Makes Us Unique?

  • Our NET natural environment setting allows our therapists to teach a child new skills using his or her natural interest in an activity or item.
  • The Behavioral Effect encourages team work and open communication within a support system that involves behavioral analysts, therapists, educators and parents in an effort to maintain a steady direction towards behavioral and social goals.
  • The staff at The Behavioral Effect is committed to maximizing the potential of every child.