Shadowing Services

Helping Children in a Variety of Environments

Does your child struggle to remember skills and techniques developed at home while in public or at school? As a parent, you cannot be with your child at all times to help encourage the use of positive techniques. However, we at The Behavioral Effect can be with your child when you cannot. From shadowing your child at school or in a public setting, we act as an advocate.

Shadowing children can help improve their:

  • Motivation
  • Social cues
  • Friendships
  • Stress levels
  • Nonverbal language
  • Perspective understanding

Shadowing cannot only help your child but put your mind at ease, as well. Prior to shadowing your child, our team of professionals will assess your child and determine the best possible intervention techniques. Our treatments are specifically designed for each child we assist—we do not use a onesizefitsall approach for ABA therapy. To schedule your child’s assessment today, contact us at (956) 627-4413.

What Makes Us Unique?

  • We use strategies that begin with motivating children to learning a new skill.
  • Better staff, better intervention, and better care lead to the best treatment outcomes.
  • The staff at The Behavioral Effect is committed to maximizing the potential of every child.
  • We are here to help children and their families overcome communicative barriers by providing therapists that are able to communicate in both English and Spanish.